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Why Should I Pay for Email Service??

Many people ask, "Why should I pay for an email account when I can get one for free at hotmail or yahoo or just use the one that comes with my internet connection ISP account?

Here are some of the reasons that an email account at ParkBits provides better service:

  1. You can have a much "nicer" email address.  When you sign up with a free service like hotmail or yahoo, you are one of millions of users.  Anything like your real name is probably already in use in many different variations.  You'll have to settle for something like jsmith13862.  Any email name based on a personal interest, etc., is probably also taken.  ParkBits has a small user base and several domain names for you to choose among, so chances are, you can get exactly the email address you want.  Keep in mind also that if you register your own domain name or have us do it for you (currently less than $10/year), you can truly have any user name you want with your domain.
  2. You can keep your email address if you change your internet ISP.  Many people have experienced the hassle of having to change their email address when they switch to a different ISP for internet connection service.  Many others have had their email address changed involuntarily because their ISP merged with another company.  An email address at ParkBits is yours to use with any internet ISP, and your internet ISP can change anytime with no effect on your email address or delivery.  If you are about to switch to broadband and will have to give up your old dial-up email address, now is the time to get your own permanent address.  Make this the last time you'll need to change email addresses.
  3. The "free" services may add advertisements to your mail. Some of the free services append ads to the end of every message you send.  Others simply hit you with popup ads when you access their web site to read or send mail.  ParkBits does not modify your outgoing email in any way nor bother you with ads when using webmail access.
  4. The high-volume services are often unreliable.  Because of the huge volume of messages, and because they are often the target of spammers and hackers, users of sites like AOL, as well as hotmail and yahoo, suffer a disproportionately high number of lost messages.  In many cases, "lost" messages were intentionally dropped by spam blocking practices as reported in numerous news articles.
  5. Email you send may be blocked if you are in a "bad" domain.  If your email address is in a domain with millions of other users, your messages may be blocked because of bad behavior of other users in that domain.  Spammers use both personal broadband accounts and free email accounts (which they setup automatically by the thousands using 'bots') to send millions of spam messages daily. (In a recent check, over 90% of the messages arriving at our mail server from hotmail addresses were clearly spam sent from junk accounts.)
  6. You do not want to use your work email for personal messages.  It is very unwise to use a work email account for personal messages.  Employers increasingly monitor the messages on their networks, and the courts have upheld their right to do that.  Thus, your personal messages could be viewed by your employer's system administrators and could compromise confidentiality that people expect when they send messages to you.
  7. You can access email via the web and with an email client on your own computer.  The free services usually provide only web access (where they can hit you with ads), while internet ISPs may not provide any web access.  Your ParkBits email account can be accessed interchangably via the web or via your email client.  Many people find an email client provides the most flexibility when at home and use the web interface (which can be accessed via any computer with a browser) when travelling.  Others always use the web interface because of its ease and because folders are automatically backed up on the server.
  8. ParkBits blocks most viruses passed in email.  We filter all of the file types that are often used to transmit viruses.  Thus, new viruses are stopped even before they are recognized by the major virus scanners. Coming soon: user-configurable spam filtering.